Technical details: Château-Thébaud

The Château-Thébaud is an exceptional wine and this Cru is being recognized. The Melon de Bourgogne is the name of the grape variety for this Cru. The Château-Thébaud is produced near the river Maine : this river goes into the Loire.
The granitic subsoil has many cracks, its name here is « granit of Château-Thébaud ». This is a filtering soil with the ideal proportion of sand and clay. The roots grow down between the rocks.
Our grapes are harvested manually then they are carefully transported to the wine cellar. The pneumatic press is filled by gravity, so grapes are not crushed. The fermentation naturally takes place in an underground vat, for about one month. After the ageing begins. We practise « batonnage » (stirring of the lies). The batonnage gives a great aromatic complexity and gustatory richness to this wine. The Château Thébaud passes 30 months on the lees before the bottling. This Cru has a great ageing potential.